In your cooling Tuesday media column: Politico gets the hot scoop on human being David Frum, a public broadcasting station regrets its spending habits, sex and violence soldier on, and a media man passes on.

David Frum is an asshole who crafted the beautiful speeches of hero president GW Bush, our nation's most eloquent leader. Has Frum's website taken the world by storm? No it has not, probably because of its comically unfortunate name, and cause people are tired of assholes like David Frum. Nevertheless, the Politico reports: "Despite setbacks, David Frum beats on." No idea.

Two years ago, the supercharged public broadcasting station in Boston moved into a super fancy new $85 million headquarters. But now times are tough and they're slashing their budget and laying people off! Hey, don't feel bad, the New York Times did the same thing.

The government has a responsibility to protect kids from "gratuitous sex and violence" on TV, said Sen. Jay Rockefeller. As long as they don't mess with awesome sex and violence, fine with me.

Ken Dyball, a graphics designer for C-Span, died last week after an extended illness. Guys like that don't usually get much recognition. But think of how many graphics Ken Dyball probably designed that you saw while flipping channels, or that your dad saw, for hours, while actually watching C-Span. Ken Dyball's work was probably more widely read than David Frum's. R.I.P, Mr. Dyball.