219West has struck again. It's always been bizarre how someone so prominent would be so public on his Manhunt profile. Now he's indiscreetly responding to Craigslist m4m ads at 5am looking for "ski" partners. (Psst, that's code for "snort coke.")

A tipster forwarded an email exchange, including picture, in which this gregarious gentleman identified himself and claimed to have "plenty of ski here" (again, that means cocaine) and that he can either host at his house or travel somewhere else. After leaving a soul-crushing pressure cooker of a beat — one which got him no small amount of grief for delving into the sexual histories of national figures — 219's no doubt enjoying the free time his current posting affords him. But some blow and blow so early in the morning on a school night? Sir, we salute your hearty constitution! If we're going to quibble about anything it's this: we've all been known to shave off a few years and pounds on internet "dating" sites, but rounding down by a decade... really?