Not that trailer parks aren't already established as traditional American targets for tornadoes, domestic violence, and meth labs, they're crossing the threshold into killing grounds. In Georgia, a slaying left seven dead and two critically injured, with few details known.

In southeast Georgia, a police chief was quoted by the New York Times as calling it "a record for us. We've never had such an incident with so many victims...It's not a scene that I would want anybody to see.''

Here's the strange thing: nowhere are there any details about who—or what—was involved. At the very least, it sounds disturbing. The management of the trailer park supposedly actively tried to keep unsavory people or incidents out of their lots, too:

Lisa Vizcaino, who has lived at New Hope for three years, said the management works hard to keep troublemakers out of the mobile home park and that it tends to be quiet. ''New Hope isn't rundown or trashy at all,'' Vizcaino said. ''It's the kind of place where you can actually leave your keys in the car and not worry about anything.'' Vizcaino said she didn't know the victims and heard nothing unusual when she woke up at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. After word of the slayings spread, she said, the park was quieter than usual.

Stereotype reinforced? Or just the nature of arbitrary, extreme violence rearing its head at a usual suspect? Probably: a little bit of both.