We already told you how the Vogue creative director stole the movie from Anna, but now it appears the editor-in-chief is not only letting her have the win, but promoting her as well...with Vogue!...on the internet!

The documentary opens today, and over at Vogue.com published an interview with Coddigton that doesn't really reveal any new information. But the way we found it is from an email sent out by a Vogue flack, who's weekend/month/life is now probably ruined:

RJ Cutler's documentary "The September Issue," which goes behind the scenes at Vogue for the making of the 2007 September issue, opens in theatres today. The film's heroine, creative director Grace Coddington, sits down with vogue.com's Jay Fielden for a candid interview.

Emphasis ours.

As for the Q&A itself, we hear again how she she didn't want to be filmed initially, how she thinks its funny she's in so much of R.J. Cutler's documentary about the 2007 issue of the mag, and how she and Anna get along, even though they don't. (We did learn which photogs wouldn't allow the movie cameras on their sets and that she loves André Leon Talley's diamond tennis watch as much as we do).

What is interesting is that the big push from Vogue for the movie on the day it opens (in New York, at least, which is like the universe for the fashion world) isn't Anna, it's Grace. Wintour was supposed to be the big draw, a peek behind the iron curtain of her bangs, and this film was going to solidify her new contract at Condé Nast. Now it seems Coddington has her blessing to be the star.

Coddington does have kind words for her boss in the interview though, and name drops her "charitable" organization Fashion's Night Out, so not all is lost for Wintour. And the more tickets Wintour can sell to this project, the more powerful she'll seem.

We can just picture Anna sitting in her 12th-floor office petting a fur coat in her lap mumbling, "You win this time, Coddington. But I'll get you next time," while plotting the ways she can still salvage her victory.