Financial con man Allen "Mini-Madoff" Stanford slit his own wrists to become "blood brothers" with an Antiguan banking regulator. Stanford's crooked chief financial officer is now doing farm work like some Peace Corps kid, for PR purposes. Everybody is bizarre!

For a while it seemed like Stanford was just your average greedy cricket-mad billionaire weightlifter Christian con man who'd basically taken over a whole Caribbean nation and turned it into his own personal investment scam haven. But now it looks like he's some sort of weirdo:

At a meeting in 2003, [Allen Stanford and the chief banking supervisor of Antigua] became blood brothers, cutting their wrists and mixing their blood in a "brotherhood ceremony"

Huh, well that didn't really work out too well, did it? At least you didn't contract syphilis, Allen. This stunning, voodoo-like revelation comes from Stanford's CFO, currently snitching his ass off and also "working on a family farm in Michigan doing manual labor for $10 an hour as an expression of penance," his lawyer tells the NYT.

He'll be going to jail anyhow. Allen Stanford is already in a jail, without A/C, which is maybe why he had to be hospitalized yesterday when his heart raced to 300 beats a minute. Or maybe that was the guilt. Or some blood ceremony infection?
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