If Glenn Beck is, in fact, laying the ground work for Fox News banishment, he's doing so in true, fear-mongering, overwrought style!

Apparently undeterred by advertising boycotts — which now total 46 — Beck this evening unleashed a torrent of accusations against Barack Obama and his plans for AmeriCorps, which he equates with Adolf Hitler's "brown shirts." For those not as familiar with Nazis as Beck, he drives his hysteria home by comparing Obama to Saddam Hussein.

Vets for Freedom vice chairman David Bellavia and the Heritage Foundation's Matthew Spalding help egg on Beck, who thinks Obama's organizing an army to quash its enemies, create a horrific "national society" and generally destroy democracy.

Though clearly outraged, Beck also seems sadly resigned, muttering, "This is what I've been warning for a very long time." He goes on to beg the White House to declare it doesn't support "revolutionary communists." Robert Gibbs, we're sure, will get right on that...