Sigh. Here we thought Facebook, Twitter and all those silly little websites were making our lives easier. Not so!

British insurance company Legal & General recently published a scary-sounding report called "The Digital Criminal" which asserts users of Facebook et al. are opening themselves up to disaster, like burglars.

You know, because burglars can see when and where you're on vacation, then find your home, break in, steal your stuff, pee on your toilet seat and overfeed your fish. Then you come back and you're shit's gone, your toilet's sticky, your fish is dead and you kick yourself, "Why did I tweet myself in the foot?"

Considering all the dangers lurking in — and, apparently, out — of the internet, Legal & General and other insurance companies are talking about raising rates for those who indulge in virtual networking. Still, they admit it's not so black and white:

Malcolm Cooper, director of pricing and underwriting at Legal & General, said: "It's a challenging one for the insurance industry. Just because someone is burgled, you can't prove that it's down to details posted on Facebook.

"It could be that we start asking how many youngsters are in the home for example."

Cooper obviously hasn't heard that it's not the young one who are responsible for the silly Twitter boom. It's The Olds! Although, we admit, his rationale does make a good argument for selling one's ingrate children.