Alex Blagg can't let go of unwatched movies; Molly McAleer wants to smack some kids; and Susan Orlean transmitted some liberal schadenfreude, via retweet. The Twitterati were feeling guilty about their feelings.

Wonderwall editor Alex Blagg can't bring himself to just put the DVD in the mail, already. You can get it back, Alex! It's like the library. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves.

Online videographer Molly McAleer is feeling child abusey again!

The Onion's Joe Randazzo officially wins the heated Twitter competition to crack the funniest joke about the death of Dominick Dunne.

Wired portrayed Craig Newmark as a stubborn oddball, so the Craigslist founder took that image and ran with it. Well played.

Susan Orlean passed along the Good News about the resurrection of the late Julia Child.

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