Drue Kataoka and Svetlozar Kazanjiev have come up with a novel way to hit up their wedding guests for cash: explain the cash will be used to generate even larger sums of cash, via the internet.

They even made a video to explain everything, above. The couple claims to have inaugurated "The World's First Start-up Wedding Registry" to fund their super-secret Web company Aboomba. Friends and family can "feed an outsourced engineer for a day" to make the couple rich, or maybe pay the utilities for a month, to make the couple rich or even buy some banner ads, which will also help make the couple rich. Delightful!

VentureBeat's Anthony Ha thinks this is great; when it comes to his own friends, he'll "be much more excited about supporting their business than I will about buying them a toaster." Not us. If we're not buying something for your kitchen, where you might hypothetically entertain us some day, we want equity.