What do you get when you combine the all-too-apathetic and under-informed citizenry of California with the all-too-narcissistic user base of Twitter? Truly terrible questions, for the state's governor.

Apparently on leave from the heavily-armed governor's compound, Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Twitter's San Francisco HQ today for a webcast meet-and-greet. During his visit, the Republican casually mentioned that 90 percent of Americans are satisfied with their health care, that reforms perhaps should focus on a disgruntled minority of maybe 5 percent, and that the state's education crisis can be solved in part by seeking volunteer P.E. instructors.

In response to this political red meat, the watchdogs hanging out on Twitter asked a series of questions amounting to, "Why are you so awesome?" as seen in the attached clip. The third question was whether the state should tax something it's already taxing (legalized gambling). Then the governor received a t-shirt and went home. The tee might not fit very well — perhaps for his wife, CEO Evan Williams offered — but microblogging, with its magnetic effect on the star-struck and the bored, would appear to suit the governor quite well.