Either because they wanted conservatives blamed or because of the natural antipathy radical young leftists have for establishment liberals, two anarchists reportedly smashed up the Colorado Democratic party headquarters.

Vandals smashed 11 windows displaying pro-health care reform posters. The Colorado Democratic party chairman said it looked like a case of pissed-off conservative rage (which seems fair). But the cops have picked up a crusty youth with leftist tendencies in connection with the incident.

Cops announced the arrest of 24-year-old Maurice Schwenkler, who was once paid $500 by Colorado Citizens Coalition, a local liberal organization. (This means probably one day spent canvassing for a local Democratic candidate. Easy money in an election year.) Schwenkler's address is the former location of "the Derailer Bicycle Collective," a free bike shop with politics you can probably guess. Schwenkler was arrested for "unlawful assembly" at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, which just means he was one of the thousands of protesters.

TPM Muckraker tracked a down posting from Infoshop, an anarchist news service, about the arrest of an activist named Ariel Attack. But TPM thinks this is the second perpetrator. It's not. It's Maurice.

Cops have only arrested one person. And here's the word Ariel's Denver friends would like spread:

At this moment, we do not know Ariel's status within the jail, especially regarding her gender classification. We have been unable to talk with Ariel since she went in. She is listed in the jail records and media under her birth name. We also do not know what plans, if any, she had made for this situation.

As such, Denver BB! and all of her friends and community are calling out hoping to raise the money to at least make bond. Jail is a dangerous place for everyone, but especially trans people, and we make every effort to get our friends and comrades out.

And TPM says:

Posts by a writer using the name Ariel Attack have appeared at a site called Queers Against Obama, whose tagline declares that "Obamamania is nothing more than yet another manufactured nationalist frenzy." One post is titled "Obama's War On Queer and Trans Youth."

So here we have a radical queer activist who thinks Obama is waging war on trans youth smashing windows at a Democratic party headquarters. We're not convinced Ariel "meant" for the attack to be blamed on Republicans, which Republicans are already claiming, as it looks like an expression of radical anarchist anger at the capitulating, conservative Democratic party. Or an attempt to spark a revolution! You never know!