Remember 60 Minutes' Memogate? You know, when Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes shot down President Bush's National Guard career with phony documents and were later fired? Well, Bernard Goldberg says they knew they were wrong all along! Despicable!

Goldberg, a right-wing writer who once worked at CBS and then made a second career trashing the network's lefty ways, went on The O'Reilly Factor to rehash the debate, and claims a "deep throat like tip" informed him Mapes knew that Bush had wanted to go the Vietnam, but didn't have enough flying hours. Thus, says Goldberg, Mapes intentionally withheld the information and aired the erroneous report, which claimed Bush attempted to skirt his militant duties.

The entire thing proves beyond a reasonable doubt that CBS loves liberals, Rather and Mapes deserved what they got and should be shot into the sun. Or, at least, publicly shamed on Fox News.