Last year, Senator John McCain demanded that Barack Obama have 100,000 town halls with him, daily, until election day. So he is loving this month. His town hall was a sleepy affair, but it's Arizona, so there was crazy!

[Update: That's a new clip above of mashed crazy by our own Mike Byhoff and intern Sergio Hernandez.]

He lied, of course, about health care, a topic he's never ever pretended to care about before in his zillion-year political career, but it was way more entertaining when he spilled water all over himself, made the famous crazy McCain face, and then tacitly acknowledged that he'd ignored a heartfelt question about how the two-party system has failed Americans.

Oh, and also: do you remember ACORN? Back when that was something conservatives thought would help them rile up some old-fashioned resentments and base-rousing fear, we used to hear about ACORN all the time! They were going to steal the election and then they were going to steal all your census information, or something. Who knows. That was so long ago, and no one cares anymore, now that we have The Death Panels.

But this lady remembers ACORN!

And John McCain is like oh god they are just community organizers and no one took them seriously but I guess I have to pretend that they are still scary, or something, because I wouldn't shut up about them last year, ugghh I want to go back home to Arlington.

See, when you throw that little bit of conspiratorial nonsense out there because it's useful for you in the short term, politically, it just festers and grows until it becomes part of the mythology of an entire subculture of people. And then they start to wonder why no one is doing anything about this grave threat to democracy that you told them all about!

Well, some people wonder. Other people, mostly old people, just nap. Can you stop the two sleepy old men in this picture?