Steve Jobs really is getting better! Rumors that the Apple CEO is being an impossible bastard to his staff have been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, to whom said staff leaked details of their torment. Old Steve is back.

Jobs is reportedly obsessing over a forthcoming Apple tablet, a top-secret device that is said to look like a giant iPhone. The device went through at least six redesigns, AppleInsider has reported, a tell-tale symptom of Jobs' perfectionism. The tweaking continues relentlessly and annoyingly, staff told the Journal's Yukari Iwatani Kane:

[Jobs] has been pouring almost all of his attention into [the tablet]... Those working on the project are under intense scrutiny from Mr. Jobs, particularly with regard to the product's advertising and marketing strategy, said one of these people... Mr. Jobs's focus on the tablet has been jarring for some Apple employees, who had grown accustomed to a level of freedom over strategy and products while the CEO was on leave, said a person familiar with the matter.

Freedom over strategy and products? What the hell kind of hippie commune were you operating while Dear Leader was gone, Tim Cook? Something tells us you'll be first through Jobs' inevitable reeducation camps, once he gets this tablet shipped out the door.