A homeless woman has landed a (coveted?) four-month internship with Elle magazine, proving that unemployed journalists need only fall a *little* farther to get "back in the game."

"Bri" (pictured, eyes) is a homeless blogger currently living in a car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She wrote a letter to Elle columnist E. Jean about blowing a reality show audition, and E. Jean was so taken with her inspirational up-and-at-em go-getting can-do spirit that she offered Bri a four month telecommuting internship! It comes with this guarantee:

At the end of the four months, if you don't have a job and an awesome place to live, I will become your intern.

A media job!? In this economy! So the best part of all will be seeing an Elle columnist intern for an unemployed homeless person. But good luck to one and all!

[Let us know if we can help, Bri! Via Homeless Tales]