The Birthers made a movie! Hooray! Because the Birther "Movement" is equal parts racist conspiracy theory and money-making scheme for extreme conservative media outlets, the $17.99 documentary is something of a rip-off.

Like it is barely even about how Barack Obama was secretly born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and is the son of Malcolm X! Most of the movie is just clips of cable news people talking about the election and Obama's first few months in office. But the highlight is surely this all-time classic of unintended consequences:

At the height of its sloppiness, the producers use, in its entirety, a video that Media Matters put together to mock Fox News coverage of the president's first 100 days. You can spot the rip-off because the blue bars and white text that Media Matters mark the 100 days with are still on the screen. Where the liberal group meant to mock the hyperbolic rhetoric of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the network's line-up, WND treats this like pages from the Gospels.

Hah. Nice one, Media Matters. Way to expose and contribute to the crazy. It is nice to be reminded that what is self-evidently batshit nonsense to "us" is just speaking truth to power to "them."