Bernie Madoff lovah and sexxxy tell-all writer Sheryl Weinstein is dropping more sexxxy bombshells about hot animal love, with Bernie Madoff! Ruth Madoff gets proven more innocent every single day.

Sheryl Weinstein, who got her family and her organization taken for millions by Madoff, has so far exposed the following deep dark secrets in her sexxxy Madoff affair book:

1. Bernie had a small dick.
2. But the sexxx was still okay.

And today, Weinstein wowed America with a sexxxy new revelation on Good Morning America: Madoff was "a good kisser. Very nice."

Hotttt! Of course, the real winner here is Ruth Madoff, who's using her total lack of knowledge of this affair, allegedly, as proof of her alleged lack of knowledge about Bernie's crimes. On GMA this morning, Weinstein did Ruth another favor:

"He was petrified of Ruth… of his wife finding out," she said. "Divorces or something like that leads to books being opened … something might come out."

It's the least she can do for writing a book about fucking her small-dicked husband.