We got what we expected from alleged Hannibal Lecter stand-in and Vogue editor Anna Wintour appearance on The Late Show: a staid, polite exchange. Regardless, it only made us love Wintour more — and she actually came off looking good.

You see, everyone always talks about how Wintour's a raging bitch and condescending and all of that bad stuff, which, we're sure, is all true. That said, she was actually quite pleasant on the program. Sure, she was a bit rude when taking a jab at Letterman's socks and suggesting he buy Thom Browne suits, but she actually came off as human! She was engaged, she smiled (those teeth!) and even cracked a few jokes, many self-deprecating, a tactic not without its charm. She could have been much, much worse, we're sure.

For all of the shit that's talked about her, though, she did go on a program whose viewers she would most likely rather spit on than look at, but that's beside the point. She humbled herself in a way. Yes, it was self-serving, but what do you want from the woman? She's a fashion editor, not Mother Teresa. And that's fine by us. The world needs someone like her: a walking caricature who lives up to the bad press and loves every second of it. (You know she does.)

Bottom line: everyone won on this one. Wintour proved she has an almost approachable personality and can relate to — or at least tolerate — the masses, while Letterman received oodles of press and, we're assuming, a boost in ratings. Take that, Conan O'Brien!