We had a mole inside the Late Show's studio audience today, and it sounds like Anna Wintour will reinforce her reputation when the program airs in several hours: Stiff, cool and sharp-tongued.

Said our spy:

She was like Hannibal Lecter. She barely moved, she sat at the edge of her chair. She's reptilian.

Host David Letterman asked the Vogue editor about her Devil Wears Prada image, saying something along the lines of, "You've got a reputation of someone who chews people and spits them out."

Wintour played it cool: "I have strong opinions and people know that."

All in all, we're not expecting any Joaquin Phoenix-like meltdown when the interview airs later tonight. It sounds like the fashion mogul maintained an aloof aura without saying anything that might upset her bosses at Condé Nast or utterly alienate viewers of the show. Said the audience member: "She didn't shit the bed. She held her own — more than I would have thought."

Wintour did alter her facade in one regard: Gone were the trademark sunglasses, studio lights be damned.

UPDATE: Now with video released by CBS on YouTube.