Attorney General Eric Holder will appoint a prosecutor to determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute CIA interrogators who tortured and murdered detainees. This will not please Leon Panetta!

CIA director Panetta already reportedly exploded in a "profanity-laced" "tirade" over Holder's plans to open a criminal investigation (a CIA spokesman told ABC news that "Panetta is known to use 'salty language,'" which is a really amusing confirmation). And Panetta is also planning on quitting pretty soon, apparently! He is not happy that Obama wants him to report to the Director of National Intelligence, and he is not happy with Democrats in the House, and he is also not happy to learn the various incredibly illegal things the CIA was up to during the Bush years. He is just not happy. He wrote a letter about how the CIA was only doing what Justice told them to do, back then.

Also today the CIA Inspector General's report on how illegal and stupid and ineffective all the torturing was will be released to the public, presumably in a heavily redacted form! But the Justice Department's own internal review into what they did wrong is still not being released any time soon.

And some civil liberties folks are upset that it sounds like Holder will limit his investigation into low-level CIA interrogators who were, after all, acting out policies created and justified by the Bush administration. But others of them say an investigation that starts out narrow could broaden to include administration officials and legal advisers, as long as Holder doesn't explicitly rule out investigating them beforehand, which he still might.

And Republicans don't want anyone to investigate anything ever because that would have a "chilling effect" and it might lead to future interrogators being reluctant to torture and kill people.

Update: If you're bored you can read the CIA IG's report at The Washington Independent. Soooo many black bars everywhere!