Why does Jonathan Capehart let people treat him this way? The dashing Washington Post editorial writer wore Prada pants to MSNBC today and it was the funniest thing Joe Scarborough had ever seen.

Look at Mr. Fancypants! Let's all laugh at him for wearing fancy pants! Did your good friend blind governor David Paterson pick out those pants? Joe Scarborough is a jerk.

Between Chris Matthews never ever letting Capehart finish a sentence to Dylan Ratigan playing footage of him eating a bagel in order to mock him (leading to an embarrassing call from Capehart's mom), everyone at MSNBC is always making fun of Jonathan Capehart.

Poor Capehart has said he still thinks of himself as "that geeky little kid from New Jersey who had a giant head and enormous glasses to match" so we can only assume that he is just used to all this bullying by the asshole-ish alpha males who make up almost the entirety of MSNBC's lineup.

But you don't have to take it, Jon! Stand up for yourself! Or just get off cable news, where "smart and quietly well-spoken" is not really welcome.