We noticed something queer about Mad Men this week. Well, actually, it was on last week's episode — and it has us scratching our heads over AMC's gay-related anxiety levels.

Don't worry, we won't ruin anything about tonight's episode, but we will wonder, aloud, why last week's episode came complete with a "mature audiences" warning, while tonight's did not. Could it be that last week's episode featured some man-on-man action?

Yes, the aforementioned action was a bit racy — hand down boxers! — but c'mon! AMC has been quite cutting edge in its original programming and we commend Mad Men's delicacy in dealing with a closeted character living in the Sixties, but this has us shaking our virtual heads a bit. There are so many other things that could have been warned against, like the rape, racism, possibly even the pot smoking.

Even if we were to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that AMC put the warning up after receiving hell for the show's first two scandalous seasons, why didn't they warn against some of the "adult" topics in tonight's episode, including some slightly naughty language, an advertisement that read "Rape on 34th St." and little Peggy Olson getting randy with things "other" than sex?

Thus, we're a bit astonished - dare we say "mad?" - about the singular notification.

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