Walrus-creature and war-monger John Bolton used to be undersecretary of state for arms control and international security. Guess what the new folks found when they moved into his old office? A dank and moist dungeon, that's what.

Obama's nominee for the slot, Ellen Tauscher, was sworn in on Monday. And according to Foreign Policy's The Cable blog, her staff found a mold-infested lair that was probably littered with Bolton's mustache hairs:

With the Ben Franklin room's soaring views of the Potomac, the grandeur of the swearing-in ceremony's setting was a far cry from the state of neglect Tauscher's staff found when they went to check out her new seventh floor "T" bureau digs early last month while she was on her honeymoon. "When I walked over here July 3, I was flabbergasted," one aide said. "I [was] calling Ellen: it was disgusting, run down, dark and dingy, in total neglect." The office's condition "is symbolic of how arms control had been treated the past eight years," the aide said. Moldy maroon carpeting was replaced with crisp blue, and moods improved.

Granted, Bolton left the gig in 2005, so his successor John Rood could be the culprit. But Bolton has owned up to the mess, telling The Corner: "I never thought interior decoration was a high nonproliferation priority."