We must have looked like idiots this morning on the subway holding page 35 of the NY Post up to our nose. Why the curiosity? Cause it looks like they ran a really big picture of Jennifer Aniston's vag!

The picture is of costar (and rumored gentleman caller) Gerard Butler throwing her in the trunk of the car for a scene in their new movie The Bounty. It is not about a serial killer. It is a comedy.

What is no laughing matter is, if you look really close, it looks like, well, Jen is smiling at the camera...and her face isn't visible. Like a color commentator for the celebrity set, we have circled and blown up the offending area. While we're no experts in these matters (we were initially distracted from her womanhood by Butler's ass in the bent over position) it looks like we're getting the whole kit and caboodle. This has got to be the first time we've gotten into an actress' personal space getting into a car rather than out of one.

Rupert, we thought you were running a family newspaper!

Update: Whatever it is in that picture, the New York Post seems to regret running it in its pages. For the web version of the story, they've used a crotch-less shot of Aniston.

Because we know you'll want to do your own forensic analysis, here's the actual pic. Click to enlarge; we know you will.

Image via Splash.