How many fortunate coincidences can one family have? First, three successive generations of Sulzbergers become publishers of the New York Times. Then young A.G. Sulzberger lands a reporting gig there. Now another Sulzberger relatives's joining the paper! Total insanity.

John Koblin at the NYO reports that Sam Dolnick, who's currently an AP reporter in India, will be joining the NYT's metro desk, starting next month. Dolnick is "grandnephew to former Times publisher Arthur Ochs "Punch" Sulzberger." [He seems to be a qualified reporter as well!]

So here's what we need:

1. A photo of this man, Sam Dolnick, for scrutinization purposes.
2. An explanation from someone more genealogically inclined than me of how exactly Dolnick is related to Pinch Sulzberger and his son, A to the muthafuckin G. Nephew and cousin, respectively? Not sure! [UPDATE: Here is a Sulzberger family tree.]
3. A steady stream of tips of office gossip from inside the newsroom.

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