The new tabloid hero of New York is—for some reason—Liskula Cohen, the model famous primarily for being called a skank, online. This makes her brave, somehow! And we now know the identity of the skankblogger. Villain, arrrrghhh, hisssss!

People call each other names every day and it's not particularly noteworthy, but since Cohen actually won the legal right to unmask her internet Skankaccuser, the New York Post has decided to portray her in a heroic light, with comical consequences.

The secret angry Liskula Cohen-hating skankblogger is Rosemary Port, a 29 year-old who "used to work as a telemarketer and a nightclub hostess and promoter," according to the NYP, and started her skankblog after she heard Cohen was talking trash about her. Here's her Facebook photo, which she hasn't gotten around to taking down yet.

Port says she's scared now that her name is public, as well she should be. Because the Post, for reasons unclear (scandalous sexy ones? Nobody knows!), has decided she is not just some lady who got mad about some other lady talking shit about her on the internet and then wackily went to court over that internet thing—she is a brave crusader! Andrea Peyser was ordered to write a worshipful column about Liskula and as hard as she tries, she can't get that sexy enthusiasm going too much, as she plumbs the depths of Liskula's soul:

And she cooks. "I'm not a very good cook, but I try a couple of times a week to make a new recipe. 'The Joy of Cooking' is very good."

She also plays with her cocker spaniel, Chaya.

Right-o. People arguing, on internet. Not a god damn thing happening in August.
[Pic: FMD]