Hero Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, who bravely took a beating from a violent thug after intervening to help an innocent citizen, is speaking, humbly! He says everyone would have done what he did. Go on you, tell us another one!

Most people would have totally wussed out in the situation, and most of those who would have fought some crazy thug for a stranger would definitely be taking mad credit, thank you very much! But the hero mayor demurred, according to the hometown paper:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Wednesday shrugged off suggestions that he acted heroically...Instead, Barrett praised the actions of his 20-year-old niece, Molly Flood, who called 911 after Barrett's attacker had knocked the mayor's phone from his hand and smashed it on the street.

Yea dude, making that phone call was way more heroic than getting totally fucked up while saving a grandmother from a psycho thug who's beating you with a baton but you also fractured your hand on his face so WHAT NOW, bitch. Stop being so heroic!
[Pic: AP]