Just when you think there are no good jokes about Williamsburg left, a patriotic actress strips on the L train for art's sake, making a story for New York's foremost vagina journalist, and all is well again. [Beware! NSFW art!]

A photographer named Zach Hyman likes to take nude photos of ladies in public, for art, and that's just what he did on the L train last month, causing a conniption amongst some of the more delicately constituted passengers, but this is what you come to New York for so just go back to Ohio why don't you? Also this is the L train. Take note.

"People see a naked woman and they smile," [Zach] said. "They see a penis and they freak out."

Lo, that we may live to see the day when New Yorkers are free to flash peen on the subway at any time without uptight losers "freaking out!"

This story brought to you, as always, by the NYP's Justin Rocket Silverman, vigilantly covering the vagina beat. With his hands, if necessary.

[Pic: Chair and the Maiden]