Poor Elizabeth Edwards. As if the woman hasn't already had to deal with enough over the last couple of years. Now her husband is moving his trashy mistress and their lovechild into the family's neighborhood, and Elizabeth's understandably pissed.

The National Enquirer reports in their new issue that Edwards, who just last week decided to acknowledge that he is indeed the man who knocked up Rielle Hunter, is helping the withered party girl and their baby move to Wilmington, North Carolina so that he can help raise the child and be an active part of her life. Friends of Elizabeth Edwards told The Enquirer that she flipped out when she found out about Hunter's move to their neighborhood.

"She's always figured the child may be John's, but the positive DNA result really floored her. And as if that wasn't bad enough, John told Elizabeth he needed to be in his daughter's life - and that Rielle was moving to North Carolina.

"He told Elizabeth he was tired of all the lies, and that's why he was ready to publicly admit Frances is his baby.

"That's when Elizabeth exploded! In a fit of rage, she grabbed a suitcase and started packing her things . . ."

Seriously, what more could John Edwards possibly do to make his wife's life any more miserable? Maybe instead of using the toilet he can just start defecating all over the family home whenever the urge strikes him?