With McKinsey digging around at Conde Nast, it makes sense that quite a few people are shaking in their Chanel boots, one of which may be Anna Wintour now that the consultants are reportedly "taking an early look" at Vogue.

The Observer's John Koblin reports that sources at Conde say that Wintour's Vogue and Klara Glowczewska's Condé Nast Traveler are getting a "close examination" in order to possibly serve as the models for how all of the individual titles will be restructured within the company. Koblin says that the two magazines are viewed as accurate representations of the company's complete roster of publications, Vogue being the model of the big splashy magazine filled with pages and pages of ads, while Traveler serves as the model for the company's more modest mid-size titles.

If McKinsey and (CEO Chuck) Townsend can figure out how to maintain the majesty of a brand like Vogue, while also reining in editorial costs (photo shoots, models, hair and makeup, clothing allowances for Anna, and so on), then they'll feel they can effectively accomplish that for other brands, a source said.

Also under "close examination" is Conde's endlessly mind-boggling web strategy, with Vogue and Traveler again felt to be accurate representations of the other Conde titles.

Vogue is represented online by style.com and Traveler by concierge.com., rather than by their own brand names. Several Condé Nast insiders have told The Observer in recent weeks that Anna Wintour is beginning to the "get the Web," and perhaps the McKinsey trip helped prompt a sudden awakening.

Wow. Anna Wintour is embracing the web?! Barely a year ago the company line was that they had no intention of turning their websites into "large web destinations" and that they existed only to "support the magazines." Oh how times have rapidly changed.