Have you seen the insane video of a woman yelling "Heil Hitler" at an Israeli-Jew who supports health care reform at a recent town hall meeting in Vegas? Well, her name is Pam Pilger. She's on Facebook.

The town hall meeting in question took place in Las Vegas on August 14th, but for some reason video of Pilger's antics — she also mocked the guy mercilessly over a hospital bill he mentioned receiving — at the event hadn't gone viral until earlier tonight when Think Progress got their hands on it. Here it is:

Pilger was also quoted by one of the local news stations at the town hall:

"I don't care what they do with this health care bill. It will not pay for abortions. If somebody wants to go outand have wild sex, for the fun of it, then they can pay for the consequences. I'm not going to," said Pamela Pilger who was at the meeting and opposed the plan.

So, would you like to discuss health care with Pam? If so, here's the link to her Facebook page.

Have fun kids!

UPDATE: Here's Pilger talking to a reporter about health care prior to her "Heil Hitler" moment earlier in the night.

Also, Pilger's husband appears to be a McCain/Palin '08 domain squatter, and a Wonkette tipster pointed out that she's wearing an Israeli Defense Forces t-shirt! Irony!