Hero Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett should be released from the hospital soon, after being totally smashed up by a baton-wielding thug at the state fair after Barrett stepped in to quell a disturbance. Well guess who loves him, too? Obama!

How bad did Barrett get whupped? Bad, according to the hometown Journal Sentinel! (He also punched the other guy so there is no shame, it's all manly).

John Barrett said the assailant threatened to use a gun and then punched the 55-year-old mayor so hard in the abdomen that he buckled.

The man then told Barrett to lie facedown on the ground.

"This is when Tom thinks, 'Yikes, this guy could kill me,' " John Barrett said.

At that point, the mayor came up swinging, and the assailant, Anthony J. Peters, 20, opened up an extendable, police-style baton and started beating him, John Barrett said.

He busted like three or four of his teeth out and shattered his hand! But then the phone rang and, that's right, it was Barack Obama calling to wish him well, and he said he was "proud" of Barrett, and Barrett probably swelled with pride a little bit on the inside, and then they made some jokes about baseball. When Barrett gets all his bones fixed he may run for governor, and win.
[Pic: AP]