Harvey Weinstein is so desperate for Inglourious Basterds to succeed that he's flogging tchochkes on a tiny invitation-only web site for millionaires. Keep an eye out—you might just spot him on the street wearing a sandwich board.

According to Guest of a Guest, Weinstein is leveraging the substantial marketing might of A Small World, the exclusive "Facebook for millionaires" that the Weinstein Co. stupidly invested in three years ago, on behalf of Basterds.

All 400,000 of them! And A Small World's self-satisfied, plugged in, wealthy membership are just the kind of people to go wild over a chance to win some signed movie crap.

As the Weinstein empire downsizes, Harvey is not too far from a joke Bruce Feirstein made in the New York Observer a few years back about his no-stone-unturned approach to awards campaigns:

I keep having this vision that I'm going to open the front door and find ... Harvey Weinstein himself, doing some door-to-door lobbying: "I've got Anthony Minghella out in the car. Want to meet him?"

Weinstein is reportedly trying to unload his stake in the site, which recently announced that it "plans" to be profitable by the end of the year. Smart move!