Some mean person on the internet made a blog saying model Liskula Cohen was a skank, so she took Google to court and got the blog shut down. Now, the skank de grace: the secret name-caller will be revealed.

Soon! The judge ruled that the blogger cannot remain anonymous, because calling someone a skank ho is actionable for a defamation lawsuit. Sez the NYP:

"The thrust of the blog is that [Cohen] is a sexually promiscuous woman," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden wrote in her decision. That included references to Cohen as "whoring" and "ready to engage in oral sexual activity."

Is readiness to engage in oral sexual activity more defamatory than, say, readiness to "engage" in the butt? This case has truly been an educational opportunity for anyone interested in the nuances of skank law ("Big skank" is Constitutionally protected speech, for example).

The lesson is, when you call someone a "skank ho," say it to their face.