What's old is apparently new again for Eric Schmidt: Not only is the Google CEO rumored to be hanging out with ex-girlfriend Marcy Simon, now we hear the two have been visiting together on Fire Island, just like old times.

Our spies in 2006 told us Schmidt spent time on Fire Island, where Simon has a house, the year before; later in summer 2006 the New York Post reported a sighting of Schmidt leaving the restaurant Island Mermaid there with actor Stanley Tucci. By the end of 2007, the couple had broken up amid talk Schmidt was also seeing Kate Bohner, the business writer.

But now one tipster, a self-described friend of Bohner's, tells us that relationship is finished (commitment issues), while another says Schmidt visited Simon's place on Fire Island "a few times" last month. Meanwhile, the married CEO still hasn't divorced his wife. For all this cycling through old flames, one hopes Schmidt's vacations at least involve new restaurants.

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(Pic: Dave McClure)