Indicted former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Terri Schiavo's dead—what else did you expect him to do?

Tucker Carlson was one thing. But Tom DeLay actually wielded power and made the lives of millions of Americans worse by ramming through the Republican Party's agenda and even standing up to George W. Bush's efforts to help poor people. He is a thug and a ghoul masquerading as a clown. This deliberate attempt to debase himself and shrug off what little dignity he ever had—presumably to raise money for his legal defense against charges of conspiracy to violate election laws in Texas—cruelly robs his enemies of the satisfaction of their hatred. Because what more is there to say when the man who was for decades the bloated, red face of the conservative agenda is literally dancing for fucking money on television? God help us.