So, '90s indie darlings and the prototype for all Gen X hipsters, Sonic Youth, will perform on Gossip Girl. This either makes no sense at all, or the most sense ever.

They'll be playing an acoustic version of "Starpower" on the show's fifth episode. It was written in 1986, which is before most of the show's fans were born.

But wait? Do only covens of tweens watch the show? Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's daughter Coco is now 15, did she get them hooked on it? Or did they watch it because it's the greatest show ever? Wait, maybe no teenagers even watch the show. What if, contrary to popular wisdom, the only demo tuning in are 30-(and 40- and 50-)somethings who will totally know the band and will think that GG is even cooler because even Sonic Youth likes them?

But what if the audience is full of kids? Will all the kids out there go, "Mommy, who is that?" and then dismiss them with a passive shrug while they go back to texting Molly from first period about how cute Penn Badgley is? Or will they love it, and downloads of Sonic Youth will skyrocket and they'll have a popular renaissance to unite the generations. Then 16-year-olds will skip summer school just like we did back in 1995 to go to Lollapalooza where we begged our friends to leave after they dragged Courtney Love off the stage, but they forced us to stay and see this band we didn't even like and then Sonic Youth came out playing and the sun was just set and the lights started to fuzz blue and purple on the stage as the feedback fuzz assaulted itself out over the crowd, past the stadium seats into the lawn while we sat agog with discovery and rebellion and a brainful of harmful substances. Will it be like that? Will it?

Photo by Nikola Tamindzic