You can't swing a hepcat (you know, from the '60s!) without hitting a feature about Mad Men, then why aren't there many details about, you know, the actual show.

When season three kicks off on Sunday night, it won't be without a whole lot of fanfare. "Look at Mad Men, it has fancy clothes and great style and retro doo-dads. It is written by women and they can make ads too. So, which ad exec matches which Mad Men character? Or, let's play that game with the media instead. Wait, what Mad Men character are you? You're so special you need to create your own."

The show is notoriously secret about what's going to happen except that it's set in 1963 (Spoiler Alert: The president is assassinated!) and the media, which is obviously in the show's whiskey-soaked thrall, is playing along with it. Well, the first reviews are starting to creep out and, guess what. People seem to like it. We hadn't heard!