Everyone loves the story of the old people who would rather eat chicken marsala than listen to Congressman Anthony Weiner try to convince them that the government will not take over their Medicare

What is funny, to us, is that New York's tabloids have been following Weiner around all week waiting for someone—anyone!—to bring some of that "screaming crazy town hall crasher" mojo here to the Socialist Republic of New York City.

But Weiner, to their obvious disappointment, has just been hanging out with senior citizens, showing up without much advance notice, and the old people have been cranky and skeptical (because they are old people, and old people are usually miserable reactionary old cranks who hate change of any kind), but not fiery enough to make Fox (despite the Post's best efforts at exaggeration).

And this one just sounds like cranky old people being cranky, again, and no one even called anyone a Nazi. And, frankly, cranky old people shouting nonsense complaints at an elected official is how every political event goes in New York, regardless of what the "issues" are.