Last night Levi Johnston appeared on masturbatory Bravo exec and host Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live. Yeah, he's down with the gays. He better be, because in 10 years, he'll be a washed-up former pretty boy on VH1.

His Skype chat with Cohen, who repeatedly refers to Johnston as his boyfriend, featured a question from popular gay blogger Andy Towle about if Johnston's down with the fact that he's a new gay icon. Johnston said he likes all his fans (cause there aren't many) no matter what, adding that there are gays in Wasilla, and it's not as backward as we think. Then he went to go shoot sheep.

Watch it all below. Our other favorite bit is when he says he'd pose naked "if the money's right."

This visit comes only a few days after Johnston appeared at the Teen Choice Awards with gay pantheon inductee Kathy Griffin and then was grilled by her on CNN. Why not just dress up like Liza for Pride, Levi.

Johnston is a man of marginal talent and intelligence who happens to be hot, which is why the gays like him. He also appeals to that soft spot in most gay men that longs for something authentically masculine. Yeah, he's trade. This is great marketing for him, because, once the Graydon Carters of the world are finished using him to make jokes about Republicans, only the gays will care.

Much like Antonio Sabato Jr. Do you not remember him? Well, then you're straight. Sabato had some modest pop cultural popularity in the late '90s thanks to a Calvin Klein underwear campaign, a Janet Jackson video, and a guest stint on Melrose Place. Ever since then, the gays have kept him around because he's hot. He has always been cool with his Mary minions, and even played gay in the straight-to-Here! TV movies Deadly Skies and Testosterone.

Now the velvet mafia have installed him in his own VH1 dating show My Antonio. He is the pink Flava Flav. Yes, we'll be watching (it starts Sunday!).

So, take heed, Levi. You're not going to make it far, but keep working on those abs, being nice to the Marys, and don't do anything too stupid (unlikely) and one day you'll be a piece of trade with his own reality TV show! Or married to Andy Cohen.

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