Fox News Channel's Major Garrett, expertly using his Wingnut Jedi Mind Tricks, laid a meticulous trap for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today about David Axelrod's health care spam.

It goes like this: Garrett claims to have heard from people who received Axelrod's e-mail but never signed up to receive e-mails from the White House. So, he asks, how did those people get the email?

After some back-and-forth, Gibbs walks right into it, responding that he'd have to see the emails in order to determine whether or not WAIT A MINUTE YOU WANT THEIR NAMES!?!?!? WHY DO YOU WANT THEIR NAMES?!?!?! TO ADD TO YOUR ENEMIES LIST?

Since there's no way to check whether Garrett's claims are true — i.e., check Garrett's sources' email addresses against the list of people who signed up to receive White House emails or whether the unwanted emails actually came from the White House — without actually getting the emails to which Garrett refers, Barack Obama is Richard Milhous Stalin. Bravo!

As it happens, a commenter on our earlier post about Axelrod's spam claimed that "Axelrod spammed EVERY federal government email address with it this morning." We checked with a friend who works in the federal bureaucracy, and he said he didn't get it. Not that we'd put it past them. We've asked the commenter to provide evidence if he has it. If you got Axelrod's email and work for the federal government, or never signed up for it, let us know.