It's no secret that NeNe of Real Housewives of Atlanta has a massive crush on Anderson Cooper, but you'd think by now she'd have heard the rumors. Or maybe she's just a hopeless romantic, because she's still lusting for him.

Last year Cooper came out of the closet about his obsession with NeNe and Real Housewives, which then led NeNe to reciprocate the love in no uncertain terms.

I'm obsessed with him, honey. I would ask him out even while I'm married! I've already told my husband, if I see Anderson, honey, it's over! You know, he's real good lookin'! There's something about the way he looks when he's reporting the news. He reports the news with a twinkle in his eyes. Something about it him is just like, ‘Stop it, Anderson! Whatever it is your doin', Stop!' I like him a lot!

So now here we are well into 2009 and NeNe still won't let it go. She's either a completely delusional or a woman in possession of an over-the-top level of self-confidence who genuinely thinks she can make a 40-ish gay man (Allegedly!) come over to play for the other team. Regardless, you have to admire her persistence, not to mention her ability to make Coop blush on the air.