A tipster tells us Law & Order has put out a confidential casting call for someone who sounds a lot like Kari Ferrell, our favorite Brooklyn scammer.

The show is said to be seeking Asian females, 25-29, to play a character who mirrors Ferrell's penchant for using sex and faked medical conditions to elicit sympathy and cash from gullible guys. [Note: we took out the specifics from the description because our tipster is afraid that revealing details might cost them their job]

Ferrell is, of course, perfect for the "ripped from the headlines" show; her youth and sex appeal should draw much better ratings than the episode about the fornicating middle-aged lawyer based on Eliot Spitzer. The only question is whether Ferrell's precious criminal quirks can be translated for network television; as our tipster writes, there's "no word yet on whether or not she will be giving Jack McCoy a hand job with her mouth."