If Danny Pang is California's Bernie Madoff, it's no wonder he tried to innovate on the romantic side of his scheme: Pang's apparent partner is safely abroad, with his assets, rather than despised and poor at home, like Ruth Madoff.

Pang's wife died under mysterious circumstances 12 years ago, and the purported ponzi schemer's lawyers have tried to argue that 30-year-old Su-Wei Yang, of Taiwan, is a mere friend. But the receiver now in control of Pang's assets says he has pictures of the couple, including some shots more interesting than the one filed in open court and shown above, according to the Wall Street Journal. Yang controls a British Virgin Islands entity allegedly connected to Pang's operation. So either the receiver successfully takes that from her, and Yang lives out her life relatively undisturbed in Taiwan, or the receiver fails, and she gets to keep all those assets.

Social mores aside, sometimes it pays to be the girlfriend, rather than the wife.