Alex von Furstenberg flipped out, with insanity, when he found out his fiancee was flirting sexxxily with washed-up NBA star Reggie Miller. You got off easy, Reggie. Alex has been know to punch faces over this sort of thing.

All Alex did in this case was to hire a plane to fly over California beaches towing a banner that said "REGGIE MILLER STOP PURSUING MARRIED WOMEN," which—let's be honest—makes Alex look worse than Reggie. Particularly because the woman in question, Ali Kay, is not married. But this is a step toward civility for Alex, according to the New York Post; in 2003, AVF caught an assault charge (later expunged!) for beating up a dude who tried flirting with Ali:

Von Furstenberg's victim, Rowen Seibel, said he was sitting in his car at around 1 in the morning when Alex — also in a car — put his vehicle in reverse and repeatedly slammed it into Seibel's, according to court papers.

Von Furstenberg then got out of his car, smashed Seibel in the face and head with his fist, threw him to the ground and kicked him, court papers allege.

So, progress! We hope this was not due to intimidation by Reggie Miller, though. He's no Anthony Mason.
[AVF pic: AP. Ali Kay pic via]