Earlier tonight Glenn Beck dropped in on the O'Reilly Factor for his regular Tuesday fat-chewing session with Bill-O, where he defended himself against the totally ridiculous allegations that he's intentionally stoking the irrational fears of village idiots across the land.

In defending himself, Beck cites his show that aired earlier in the evening where he assembled a round-table of like-minded wingnut folk (Glenn Beck never, ever has anyone on whose viewpoints run contrary to his own) to examine the backgrounds of the people Barack Obama has surrounded himself with in regards to health care reform. Sounds fair enough, right? But what Beck fails to mention is anything about his show's opening segment where he brayed on and on like a goddamn hyena with a wasp up its ass about eugenics, a segment laced with comparisons of Obama to Hitler and the Nazis. Of course, he wraps all of this horseshit up with a pretty little bow by dropping numerous coy little disclaimers, all of which essentially translate to, "I'm not saying Obama's a Nazi, but Obama's a Nazi." And oh, he also cried over the thought that his cerebral palsy-stricken daughter might not have been allowed to live under "Obamacare" eugenics.

So yeah, Glenn Beck's not a fearmonger. And now you know.

Oh, and one last thing — Plenty has been made lately about advertisers dropping their sponsorships of Beck's show. Well, besides all of the pharmaceutical company ads and spots run by companies selling gold commodities, there are a few other major corporations still advertising on Beck's show that I noticed tonight. They include: UPS, HSBC, Visa, Pearle Vision and Broadview Home Security, just to name a few. Just saying.