In case you didn't know, today marked the tenth anniversary of the Victoria's Secret "Body by Victoria" bra line, and to drum up publicity for the occasion, the company forced some of their models to do some really scary stuff!

Four Victoria's Secret models, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lindsay Ellingson, Marisa Miller and Emanuela de Paula, spent twelve hours today, twelve freaking hours, running around Manhattan talking about bras. Always the brave troopers, they even went to the top of Empire State Building, despite the fact that deranged giant apes find climbing it virtually irresistible.

"I've never been in the Empire State Building, and I'm pretty petrified of heights," exclaimed Marisa Miller this afternoon from a perch atop the 5th Avenue landmark. "I have at last conquered my big fear!"

Perhaps even worse, the day started so early that the models actually had to eat breakfasttwice!

"Our day started at 4 in the morning. We had like two breakfasts—you need to when you get up this early," added Miller. "I had one at 5:30 and then another at 9:30."

Goodness gracious! Be careful out there ladies. Victoria's obviously a slave-driver when it comes to spreading the word about her precious little Secret. Godspeed y'all!

Pic via Getty