Aaron Sorkin told the website MakingOf that he's never agreed to a project so fast as when he signe on to adapt Ben Mezrich's Facebook book. Sorkin still doesn't know what he was thinking.

There's no question Mezrich's 14-page book proposal was eyebrow-arching; it featured scenes in which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ate koala on board the yacht of a Sun Microsystems exec and in which he's targeted by the FBI after hacking into a government website. But the claims have been challenged as factually incorrect, and Mezrich, who has admitted to fabrications in a prior book, has woven more questionable scenes into his final book.

Mezrich may not have much of a handle on the facts, but judging by Sorkin's reaction to his work, and a positive review of Sorkin's first screenplay draft, Mezrich knows how to set up an eminently watchable film. And given Facebook's nerdy history, it was probably inevitable the truth would have to be twisted to accomplish that goal.

[via Vanity Fair]