The New York Times' Economix blog has found yet another upside to the recession: It's only happening to men.

It turns out that men have been hardest-hit by job losses in the last year, largely because they dominate the sectors where layoffs have been most widespread. So as the total number of available jobs has gone down, the share of remaining jobs held by women has increased:

[F]or the first time in American history women are coming close to representing the majority of the national work force. It would of course be a bittersweet milestone, given that it comes primarily as a result of men's layoffs.

Of course, women are still only getting 80 cents on the dollar, so it all evens out somehow. The Times has coined a word—"mancession"—to denote the dynamic. It's kind of like a manwich, but instead of robust, smoky beef flavor, it's chock full of depression, unemployment, an unshakable feeling of shame, and sisterhood.