Famous prosecutor and TV commentator with absolutely no respect whatsoever for the fundamental principles of Western Criminal Justice Nancy Grace wrote a novel! It's about a hard-charging no-nonsense prosecutor....

Grace's dogged and relentless pursuit of anyone she assumes is guilty made her a very successful prosecutor who only occasionally had convictions overturned because of her misconduct, and it also made her a hugely popular television personality. She is a nightly reminder that It Can Happen Here, and there would be a scary shitload of popular support for some law-and-order type promising to clean up American with lynch mobs (Giuliani '12!).

But she has a book to promote! It's about "Hailey Dean," "a hard-hitting, victim-rights prosecutor in Atlanta who sends hundreds of people to jail" with a murdered fiance.

Please welcome the kinder, gentler Nancy Grace. She is married and has baby twins now and so she is not shouting so much. But she is even more angry about "crimes against children" now, and we should all celebrate her "passion" and her "crusade."

But early reviews have not been kind. Kirkus Reviews calls it "formulaic and simplistic." Publishers Weekly dubs it "less than compelling." There are 70,000 copies after two printings.

Why doesn't America want to read a legal thriller about an idealized Nancy Grace figure?? And will there be sex scenes? (Foster, could you get on this?)